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JAMB 2018 Mock Exam - Live Updates From JAMB Centres Across Nigeria

JAMB 2018 Mock Exam - Live Updates From JAMB Centres Across Nigeria. 

JAMB MOCK EXAMINATION For 2018/2019 Has started and all JAMB candidates expectation are high. You may want to currently know whats happening across all centres, we  created this topic for candidates who are not taking the jamb mock exam or candidates who are anxious of knowing whats happening in other Jamb centre.

Did you miss the mock exam, you can still download it here - Click here to download the Jamb 2018 mock exam practice 


5 hours ago
My exam is supposed to start by 7am, it's already 8:22 we are still outside waiting

4 hours ago

The exam went well, hoping 4 good score, I got there 7:30 we started 8am, cctv camera confirm, no issues at all. Blasted
well it was an inch free exam for buh d Jamb officials didn't show up on time 
3 hours ago
pencil is allowed and d exam format just like last year own and also d CCTV is working properly d time is 2hrs and it is hitch free here in ososa Ogun state
I did mine to in ososa. But, i hate the centre, no calculator and Sheet for rough workings. I did. Mine 7:00am centre 2
independence questions
who was tayo describing as moremi
I have written my mock examination,and I thank God this is just mock...........I go say e dey bittersweet
We came in the morning and were required to pay 700 naira to be permitted to write the exam and I can say that JAMB is just milking nigerian students dry through this exam.We paid 700naira for the mock registration and just a day or two to the mock exam date, they sent us a message requiring us to pay another 700naira to be able to write the mock.........anyway,na naija we dey! 
We did thumbprinting and went into the hall with CCTV cameras mounted at strategic positions.At about 9:00AM,we were asked to log in and write.
........and I logged in.....

I checked one of my most dreaded subjects PHYSICS.40 questions were asked and some of the questions I could recall are these: (please let somebody solve and provide their answers.)
1: If y = A sin(750pt - 0.04px),determine the velocity of the wave.
2: P-type semiconductors are produced by doping the target materials with a....
(A) bivalent material
(B) pentavalent
(C) tetravalent material
(D) trivalent material
3:Optical fibre operates on the principle of
(A) diffraction of waves
(B) polarization of waves
(C) total internal reflection
(D) Refraction of waves
For CHEMISTRY....same 40 questions:
1:The action of ethyl chloride on ammonia will produce
(A) amino acid
(B) Primary amines
(C) secondary amines
(D) tertiary amines
2:Calculate the molar mass in g/mol of an alkyne represented by C11H16
(A) 112
(B) 124
(C) 208
(D) 100
3:Which of the allotropes of tin exists at room temperature
(A) monoclinic
(B) Rhombic
(C) grey
(D) white
For ENGLISH,60 questions were asked and about 7 questions from was ok
For BIOLOGY,40 questions were asked but tough.
MY EXPERIENCE AND ADVICE: I saw many questions lifted exactly from past questions.So it will be wise to study your pastquestions very well.Also TIME IS NO MAN'S FRIEND! Many people could'nt finish when their systems authomatically submitted their works.
I think this is enough to help a fellow aspirant.
In two/three weeks time,IT WILL ALL BE OVER!!!...........and I wish you guys an unprecedented success in your exams.....
They did not give us regulations about that and they did not provide anything but I personally went in with a plain sheet of paper and a pencil..........nobody disturbed me...........maybe because this one is just mock exam.I know they will be very strict during the main exam and like last year,they ought to provide working sheets.

More Updates Loading.. 

While in the hall, please take note of everything; 

1. Check if there are actually CCTV Cameras
2. Check if the systems are special in anyway (maybe if there's no mouse)
3. When you login to take an exam, check how the CBT environment is laid out.
4. Where is the time Located, Where are your Subject Navigation Located, Where are the Question Numbers Located, e.t.c.
5. Check if you can use both Keyboard and Mouse (Remember JAMB said you can now use only Keyboard).
6. Check the time given for the exam
7. Check the number of questions given.
8. Remember that JAMB said typing "S" on the keyboard means you want to submit. Be careful!

Ensure you keep your items safe! Your phones, bags, money e.t.c. Please note that not everyone, who comes to the hall came for the exam. Some people are just natural thieves. They steal at every opportunity.

Just update us as much as you can, and we will appreciate every bit of information you pass across.We will create a thread for detailed experiences later in the day.

For those that didn't take the JAMB Mock Exam, You can practise your mock Here & Download it here

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