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How To Make Money Online As a Student Through Payooner

Make money online as a student or undergraduate in any University. I have simplified this post to everyone's taste and understanding. There are so many ways to make money online, some are legit while some are illegal.
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On MY9JAEDU we don't only share educational tips, school gists and scholarship updates, we also help our readers and visitors learn how to make money and monetize their stay online. My aim here is to guide our readers on making money via Payooner. 
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Payooner Card

How To Register For Payooner Account

STEP 1 :-Go to to register,on getting to the homepage click on signup button,and it will redirect you to the sign up page.

STEP 2 :-It will redirect you to a page where you are to provide your real names,your email address and your date of birth,please make sure your name and date of birth tally with the one on your national i.d card,driver's license or voter card which ever one you wished to used,now click on next button.

STEP 3 :-Now on the next page you will see where you will fill in your contact details such as your street address ,phone number,country,and also your postal code,if you don't know your postal code,visit NIGERIA ZIP CODES to search for your town/street postal code,make sure you choose your district postal code,because it will be used to ship your card to you,now click on next button again.

STEP 4 :-It will redirect to a page where you will input your password and choose a security question,make sure you choose a question that you can easily remember the answer,as they may ask of this when trying to contact them through live chat, this stage is just like a security stage click on next.

STEP 5 :-The next stage is the final stage of the registration,here you can change the shipping address if you wish to,in the case where you want the card to be shipped to another address apart from your residential address,now choose your i.d type,either a National i.d card ,driver's license,note you wont see the space for voter's card don't worry just choose national i.d card ,now input your voter's card number in the space provided and choose your country of issue. Now click on order.
Now you have just finished applying for a payooner account card.

Features Of Payoneer Account

1. Simplify the way you get paid

Over 4 million customers around the world use Payoneer for one reason: it’s simple.

2. Reduce your payment fees

Increase your earnings by reducing your payment fees by up to 71%

3. Scale your business

Expand your reach through thousands of marketplaces that pay their users via Payoneer.

4. Get paid in more currencies

Accept payments in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and CNY** – as if you had your own local bank account!

5. Access your funds with ease

Withdraw funds to your bank account and/or at ATMs worldwide.

6. Get the help you need

Enjoy multilingual customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Payoneer Account Sign Up: If you have ever imagined how to get instant money then this article is for you. The good news in your table right now is that you can sign up to Payoneer and get up to 25 dollars for free.
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A Payooner Card
It is very easy to sign up and you will also be sent your Payoneer MasterCard for free which you can conveniently use to receive and make Online Payments.
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