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Guide To Write an Essay for MTN 2017/2018 Scholarship

MTN scholarship 2017/2018 edition is here again and we have prepared a guide for the general public on how to successfully write an essay in line with MTN 2017/2018 scholarship. The Topic is "Pros and Cons of telecommunication as a catalyst for economic development in Nigeria".
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The names of the shortlisted candidates have been published online. You can easily check to see the names of the shortlisted candidates.

Guide To Write an Essay for MTN 2017/2018 Scholarship 

I will guide you on how to write a proper, concise and simple essay which will give you an edge admits many other candidates. You can also use this guide when writing WAEC/GCE, NECO etc or other examinations that requires writing essay

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1. Digest The Topic:
The topic is the light of every essay you want to write. For example, the topic says wrote on " Pros and Cons of telecommunications as a catalyst of economic development in Nigeria and the essay definitely should be between 150-180 words.

You need to so much key into the topic. Analyze properly the essay and sort several definitions.

Firstly, Define Communication...
The process of interpersonal communication cannot be regarded as a phenomena which simply 'happens', but should be seen as a process which involves participants negotiating their role in this process, whether consciously or unconsciously.
Senders and receivers are of course vital in communication. In face-to-face communication the roles of the sender and receiver are not distinct as both parties communicate with each other, even if in very subtle ways such as through eye-contact (or lack of) and general body language.

2. Write The Body of the Essay:
You need not to write so much. Quality is the main thing not the quantity. You need to add your best flavor to sweeten the essay. You don't need to write down all the best grammers in the dictionary, your best words should work here.

Write simple, clear and concise words. Put your punctuations where necessary and avoid mistakes.

3. End the Essay In a Simple way:
Your ending is very important. You need to end the essay appropriately, your conclusion determines a lot of things.

4.Preview The whole Essay:
You need to scan through everything you've written so far. Check for errors, correct mistakes and edit all writeups properly.

5.The Last thing: Submit Your Form. MTN has attached the submission For to the link sent to you already.

The following are the fields you'll have to fill in the submission form

>>First Name
>>Other Names
>>Phone Number
>>Essay Topic
>>Essay WriteUp.

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