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O'level: When Is The Deadline For Uploading of Results? [WAEC/NECO/GCE]

Days are counting and you're worried about uploading your NECO results, we are assuring you the results will be released in days.
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Jamb released 32 New Policies,  according to the policy; “Jamb will not wait for Neco to be out but will be flexible. Once the result is out, they can send it to us”.

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The above statement means Universities will not wait for O'level results to be released. Post Ume will proceed.

However, Jamb portal will still be open for uploading of awaiting results. If your waec result was held or you are using neco awaiting result, you can then comfortably upload it anytime. Don’t be under pressure.

But you may be wondering, can I apply for post utme admission screening without my Neco or waec result? I will say yes and no.

Yes, in the sense that schools conducting post utme examination would not give priority to O-level results. It would be needed during clearance and the results would be out before then. You can use awaiting to register post utme in most schools.

On the other hands, schools that are not conducting post utme examination will make waec and neco results a serious admission determinant. You would therefore have to submit your result to them.

The good news is that many schools will be conducting post utme examination this year. You Should therefore be free to still use awaiting.
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