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Babcock University Cousel Notice To All Students

The Babcock University Management has released the cousel notice to all the newly admitted candidates.
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Dear Student, While thanking God for a fulfilling semester please note the following reminders:

A. Prohibition of Lycra, Bodicon, and Condom like materials.
B. Prohibition of Pencil Trousers, Face caps.
C. Prohibition of Bizarre haircut, Bushy/long hair styles, Bushy beards,
uncombed natural hair
D. A tattoo is discountenanced henceforth at Babcock University.

Dear Students,
   We give glory to God for making us see the end of another school year. Having survived each day that comes with its different kinds of challenges, we counsel that you be wise in making your choices, and let each day that passes by leave you wiser and stronger than before. Do not let Satan deform, deface, disgrace and destroy you. Stay close to God, for it is God alone that can help you to escape Satan’s sophistry and make you experience victory in your day to day living.

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