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JAMB Results For July 1st - Why The Delay?

It is almost 2 weeks now that JAMB conducted the supplementary examination. Up till now, the results of candidates who participated in the examination are yet to be released
Candidates writing JAMB examination [Photo credit: ElitesplanetBlog]

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Just like any concerned person, we do not know the reason for this delay and JAMB has kept quiet on that till this moment.

When you think of the fact that the results of the main examination which had more candidates for each day did not take this long to be released (except in cases JAMB had to withhold some results due to irregularities), you can't help but wonder what could possibly be the reason for this delay.

For candidates who participated in the exam, we understand how frustrating this can be especially as some schools have started announcing their admission screening exercise.

However, the best you all can do now is to still be patient and trust that JAMB has a good reason for delaying the results till now.

Nevertheless, we are using this medium to make a strong appeal to JAMB to do the needful. Whatever is the reason for this delay should be resolved as soon as possible so that concerned candidates will know their fate and know what next move to make.

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