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LASU Anthem Submission New Approved Guidelines And Procedures Out

The Management of the Lagos State University has released new guidelines/procedures for the University Anthem Submission from the general public.
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Management NOTED from the submission of the Committee that, while it was considering the proposals submitted by Fifteen (15) members of the University Community, it observed that:

i. The Proposals lacked musical notations;

ii. There were variations in the syllables for every note in the different stanza;

iii. The stanzas contained different number of lines;

iv. The text in the proposals could not easily be converted into musical notation.

Management, after extensive deliberations, APPROVED the guidelines/procedures submitted by the Committee, as follows:

i. The lyrics should reflect the Vision and Mission of the University;

ii. The lyrics should be poetic with, at least, Two stanzas with or without chorus;

iii. The stanzas should contain the same number of lines;

iv. The text must be easily converted into musical notation;

v. The text must be accompanied with music either on a CD or VCD.

Management also APPROVED the various stages of processing the submissions as follows:


i. Collation of the proposals;

ii. Consideration and vetting of the lyrics and music as contained in each of the proposals;


i. Committee constitutes a Panel of Specialists in Music;

ii. Panel invites the proposers for a live performance (auditioning) with sound track;

iv. Panel selects the best Five (5) proposed anthems and present to the Committee;

v. Committee presents the best Five (5) proposed anthems to the University Management.


i. Management forwards the best five (5) proposed anthems to LASU Radio and ICT;

ii. LASU Radio plays the music for a week and ICT uploads the music on LASU website for the University Community to download.


i. Management convenes a Town Hall meeting of the University Community;

ii. The best Five (5) submissions will be projected and played;

iii. Members of the University Community vote in respect of the Five (5) proposed Anthems.

iv. The Anthem with the highest votes will, thereafter, be chosen and adopted as the University Anthem.

Members of the University Community are hereby invited to submit proposals, based on the aforementioned guidelines/procedures. Members of the University Community who had earlier submitted proposals are free to make fresh submissions. Based on the current guidelines as stated under paragraph 3 above.

The submission should be in PRINT and AUDIO RECORDING form (i.e. simple recording and NOT necessarily studio form) and should be made available to the Secretary, Selection Committee for the Proposed University Anthem in, Room 4, Administrative Block II, LASU, Ojo Campus NOT LATER THAN Friday, 30th June, 2017.

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