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Cowbellpedia 2017 1st & 2nd Batch Examination Results Out!

Cowbellpedia Secondary School Mathematics TV Quiz Show 2017 1st & 2nd Batch Examination Results Out
Cowbell 2017 result
This is to inform the general public specifically all School Principals, Proprietors, Proprietress, Teachers, Parents and most especially candidates that the Cowbellpedia stage 1 1st and 2nd batch examination result is out.
Shortlisted(Top 17) would need to write a. pre-qualification exam (PQE) to determine those to fill the vacant slot/s (Qualified Top17) and should such student fail to make the ‘Qualified Top17’, such student will automatically take over the position of ‘Qualified State Rep’ for the state.
* Shortlisted State Rep that is dependent on the outcome of the PQE of Shortlisted (Top17).
** Shortlisted State Rep that is dependent on the outcome of the PQE of Shortlisted (Top 17) & State Tie-Break. A
Tied students at the state level will need a PQE to break the State Rep slot after the determination of the Shortlisted(Top17).
*** Shortlisted State Rep that is not dependent on Shortlisted (Top 17) but only need PQE to determine the State Rep.


1. Follow the below link to access the results.
2. Click
3. On the portal, Click on View 2017 Results, on the next page click “See the top 3 per state” to access the Results.
Alternatively, Follow the below links to view the list by category:
View the Finalist (available)
Download Finalist in PDF Here
View Top 3 by state (available)
View Junior Category Results (available)
View Senior Category Results (available)
The results of the 2017 Cowbellpedia Secondary Schools Mathematics TV Quiz show Stage 1 are hereby fully released.
All necessary precautions have been taken in having a smooth and error-free result coordination of
both Manual & Online registered candidates for the National examination. However,should we discover any anomalies; such student(s) will be disqualified amongst other sanctions. The decision of the Producers on all matters are final and cannot be challenged. This does not however infringe on your civil rights.
Contacts: 0708705 7670

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