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All Candidates Using NECO Awaiting Results For Jamb 2017(Note This)

So many Neco candidates, especially those who used Neco awaiting result for Jamb 2017 have been experiencing sleepless nights.
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This sleepless night is as a result of Jamb update on awaiting results that every candidate should submit their awaiting results before August.

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The question at hand now is, will Neco release results for those using awaiting results before the August deadline specified by Jamb? Lets try to draw a logical conclusion together.

Let me start from the basics. Waec results used to take at least three months before release. Because of the issue of Jamb awaiting result and other reasons best known to them, they have decided to release all waec 2017 results within two months of writing the exams.

Now lets go back to our question. Will Neco awaiting result be out before August. I will say yes. Now see my reasons below:
  1. Neco will understand the issues at hand.
  2. Understanding the issues at hand will make them hasten the release of Neco 2017 results.
  3. Jamb will understand.
  4. Jamb understanding the issues will make them adjust the deadline to suit when Neco results will be released.
  5. Neither Jamb Nor Neco would want any candidate to forfeit admission because of awaiting.
  6. The Federal Government will intervene.

With this, I hope that I am able to convince and not to confuse you that you can begin to sleep well and as well get ready for Jamb 2017.


Your 2017 Neco results will be out before schools begin to give admission. You are safe.

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