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7 Reasons Why NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream II Camping Date is Not Out

Are you tired of waiting at home? You have no idea why NYSC 2017 Batch A stream II Camping Date is not out. Then You need to read the article below to see tangible reasons.
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No one knows any possible official date for NYSC 2017 Batch A II orientation camp date a many awaiting corpers are stranded, some are even asking me to give them reasons why the date for the stream II is not out.
I therefore did my own findings via mails, calls and text messages and even on social media. With the information i received from state coordinators, LIs and several officials. The only answer we have been getting for now is that they are making preparation and that NYSC will announce the date for NYSC 2017 Batch A stream II Orientation camp very soon.
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Due to my research i decided to put together reasons why NYSC 2017 batch A stream II camping date is not out, Now read full details below:


1.   Lack Of Fund
The first reason might be lack of fund. Money runs everything. I am not really good at mathematics, but let me show you a little calculation.
The NYSC scheme mobilized around 300, 000 Prospective corp members this year. To remind you, 2016 Batch B Stream I & II are still on ground. Let us assume that 2016 Batch B Stream I and II are 200, 000 Corp members (a rough idea) and NYSC is paying them 20, 800 every months. You say its 19, 800? NYSC pays 20k, the banks will remove 200 from each person’s making 19, 800
200, 000 x 20, 000 = 4 000 000 000 (#4 Billion) every month. Now calculate it for 11 months and drop the answer in the comment below. That’s just for Batch Stream I & II.
Wait….. I know the country is capable, that’s why the programme existed. I know our leaders have more money than NYSC can ever spend, I know Billions of naira every months for Graduates is not too much for the country to handle and I know that Nigeria is very rich.
2.   Logistics Reasons
One of the 7 Possible Reasons Why NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream II Camping Date is Delayed might be because of logistics.
Gone are those days, when there are no Batch B or Batch C or Stream I & II. All qualified graduates were mobilized once to serve their father land. However, as population increases, numbers of accredited Higher Institutions grows. The facilities at various orientation camps across Nigeria can no longer hold the populations, then the need for Batches and streams arose.
During the just concluded Stream I orientation camp, several Corp members slept outside at Lagos Camp. Imagine if there are no streams, the 3 weeks will be unbearable because each camp will be over crowded, uncontrollable and filled with sufferings.
NYSC might be delaying the date to make you guys comfortable.
3.   Better Preparation
On June 12 2017, Hoodlums Attack NYSC Camp In Niger, Cart Away Valuables. Which was really a shame on the NYSC body. An orientation camp that is well guarded by highly professionally trained armed Nigerian Soldiers could easily be broken by mattress and hungry thieves is really very funny.
However, it was later made clear that it happened because the camp in question is not a Permanent orientation camp. Am sure such would never happen in a permanent orientation camp. Nobody will be happy to serve his/her father land scared. The NYSC might want to prepare very well for several contingencies.
4.   Request For More Personnel
The bigger the numbers of Prospective corp members, the bigger the quantities of officials and personnel to handle and controls things. I guess NYSC needs more hands to create orderliness.
5.   NYSC Approval Board
There is a board for approval of things. Although NYSC is under the Military force of Nigeria and you know in Military, order is the order of the day. However, there is a committee that needed to approve a date. The committee might be delaying the approval for any of those reasons above or more.
6.   The President is sick
This cannot be one of the 7 Possible Reasons Why NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream II Camping Date is Delayed orientation camp. In fact, this would be the dumbest reason ever for anything to be cancel, you think..
Remember this is Nigeria, when our Father, the president is sick, then the country is ……….
7.   Fasting
I just added this. The Muslim fasting is through already. So if this is the reason why the 2017 Batch A stream II has been delayed, then we should get the date very soon.
To The NYSC, I will say delay is dangerous, an idle hand is the devil workshop. Please let our people go.
To The Prospective Corp Members, I will say please give a little more calm. You will go for NYSC very soon. Many officials will dance ‘koko below’ if NYSC is scrapped. So relax and calm down, the system is still very up and running.
I have provided Possible Reasons Why NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream II Camping Orientation Date is not out. If you are against this aforementioned possible reasons, you can drop your comment below.
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