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Official List of Courses Offered in Federal polytechnic, Ilaro - ILAROPOLY

List of Courses in fed Poly ILARO 2015/2016 HND and ND

The official list of courses and departments that are available in the entire Federal polytechnic, Ilaro (ILAROPOLY)

  • School of Applied Science
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Environmental Studies
  • School of Management Studies

ND and HND Computer Science
ND and HND Computer Engineering
ND and HND Architectural Technology
ND and HND Accountancy
ND and HND Food Technology
ND and HND Civil Engineering
ND and HND Building Technology
ND and HND Banking & Finance
ND and HND Hospitality [HCM] Management
ND and HND Electrical and Electronics

  • Engineering

ND and HND Estate Management
ND and HND Business Administration 

  • Management

ND and HND Office Technology &
Management [Secretarial Studies] ND and HND Mechanical Engineering
ND and HND Quantity Surveying
HND Marketing
ND and HND Science Laboratory

  • Technology

ND and HND Surveying & Geoinformatics
ND and HND Mathematics & Statistics
ND and HND Urban & Regional Planning

Once there's an update in the courses available at Ilaro polytechnic, we will keep you updated.
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