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JAMB UTME Correction Of Data Errors After Registration [Subjects, Name, State Of Origin]

Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB UTME Correction Of Data Errors After Registration [Subjects, Name, State Of Origin]

Hello Sir, I mistakenly choose a wrong subjects during JAMB Registration, The cyber cafe i registered didn’t write my correct name, My JAMB Exam center was wrongly chosen, My State of Origin during the Jamb Registration was wrongly choosed, My Jamb email address was wrong or invalid and i have purchased my e-pin.

All these questions and more kept pumping to my mail, phone and social media networks, I have noticed that this year JAMB UTME registration is filled with errors, and most errors are either caused by the students or the center registrar.

The most frequent complaint i got this week is regarding to the wrong subject combination, mistakes in names and state of origin.
A Student recently complained to me that his attention was not called during his registration, the registrar went ahead and filled an incorrect subjects and submitted while he was around.
The other lady complained also that her name was wrongly written, The surname was written as the first and other names as last name.

Another complaint i received was concerning the state of origin, instead of choosing Anambra State as a boy state of origin the registrar went and choose Lagos and submitted.

The reason i decided to write on these is to draw attention of all the students who are yet to register to take caution and be on alert during his or JAMB registration to avoid any forms of mistakes or errors.

It will be recalled that before the registration of the 2017 JAMB UTME Exercise the Registrar warned all students to avoid any sort of errors during registrations there might not be any room for amendment or correction, but if there is any provision made for that there must be a penalty attached.
Now back to all those students who has made one or more mistakes my advise to you is to remain calm and wait till an official statement is made by the exam body concerning any amendments, as far as am concerned with this registration, once an application is been submitted it cannot be edited or amended unlike last year when you have to buy another scratch card to amend data this year it is not done so.

I have received complaints that most centers after deliberately making a mistake in a student data while registering will ask them to pay 2,500 for amendment which they cant guarantee them of that, thereby making the situation worst for the student.

Please do not pay any cyber authority for any correction of data as they are not licensed to change or amend any data after clicking the submit button.

I will personally update this post if there is an official process to make changes to the errors or mistakes made during registration.

As for the CBT Centers please do not extort money from students in the name of helping them correct errors whereas you know that it is not possible.

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